Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trusting The Process in Egypt Pt. 2

OK, so I was off by a few days. (See post pt. 1 prior to this post) It took a bit more than a week to oust Mubarak. But even so, it was an amazing demonstration of the power of ONENESS. The demonstrators were peaceful, patient, focused, determined and surprisingly well organized even though there was no apparent leader. They were acting as one. It was something to behold.

The future remains very uncertain of course, and it may well turn out to be far from perfect. No doubt those who led the French Revolution were just as euphoric for the first few days after the guillotine stopped doing its grizzly work. But France immediately descended into chaos and turmoil which lasted almost a century until Napoleon — another dictator — took over. Egypt remains a military dictatorship and still represents the old ways so it’s hard to be optimistic about what might come next.

That said, I am still of a mind to see this as part of the global ‘breaking down’ process that will precede the ‘break-through’ into the new consciousness we expect to occur around 2012. Perhaps this is how it will happen. Not a single transformation where we make an immediate shift on a certain date, but a series of push/pull events such as we are witnessing now in Egypt and all through the Middle East. People coming together as one to break down all the old physical, mental and spiritual structures that no longer serve, while others resist the change and fight to stay attached to the old paradigm.

And we in America don’t have to look beyond our own shores to see the same thing happening here. We are already in a massive breakdown phase and things are likely to get much worse yet. The only difference is that most Americans, unlike the Egyptians, have yet to wake up to that fact. When we do, perhaps that’s when we shall come together in ONENESS in order to shift our consciousness and change our world.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trusting The Process in Egypt

As we watch the events unfolding in Egypt and marvel at how well (with the exception of some looters and more lately some violent government supporters), the apparently leaderless masses are handling themselves, it is tempting to imagine that some form of model democratic society will naturally and spontaneously emerge once the dictator, Hosni Mubarak, is gone. And gone he surely will be within a week at the most.

Dream on, though. It is a most unlikely scenario. I’ve heard a number of commentators utter the phrase, ‘be careful what you ask for,’ revealing the underlying fear that the kind of stability that Mubarak has been responsible for all of 30 years in that notoriously unstable part of the world will evaporate as soon as he is out of the door. Who and what will replace him? How will it effect the interests of the U.S. and Israel in particular? How will it effect our oil supply and movement of the same through the Suez canal? From a geo-political perspective, the future looks rather bleak to say the least.

But at the street level, what we are witnessing is an example of the transformation of consciousness where the desire for freedom has trumped fear and all that was previously repressed has come bursting to the surface. But transformation, no matter whether it be at the personal or collective level is always a matter of diving into the unknown and being willing to trust the process. That’s the kind of courage I see the Egyptians displaying as they demonstrate in the streets with only one insistent demand: that we break with the past. To that degree they are providing a model for the rest of us. They are doing what they are led to do without regard for what comes next. I saw one man say, "I have just written my will. If I die, so what!"

To utter the phrase, ‘be careful what you ask for,’ is to come from fear. To embrace transformation, trusting the process without regard to the outcome is to be attuned to the love vibration of Spirit. Thank you demonstrators for showing us the way. Let us release our own fears and be willing to trust the process in the same way. When we do that, the best outcome always emerges.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEW Radical Empowerment Membership Site

Many people have asked for some kind of ongoing program that will help them anchor Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation deep in their consciousness so they might live and practice both in their daily lives. With 2012 just around the corner, they want to raise their consciousness to a level where they can remain peaceful and powerful, no matter what is happening, and be more helpful to others if and when things get tough. This program, which features a lot of multi-media resources and live monthly online meetings and events, will enable you to begin living more consciously and in alignment with the metaphysical paradigm that underpins both Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation. It is also the paradigm that we will be beginning to live from, once the shift in consciousness that hopefully will begin in 2012 has begun. Being a member of this community will afford members a high level of support and sense of belonging to something bigger. The work is based on the regular use of the resources in the Radical Empowerment kit, and is supported by a series of monthly tele-seminars, webinars, group meditations etc. This membership site is still under construction, but we will let you know when we are ready to take subscriptions. Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miracles Workshop Price Changes for 2011 (US Only)

We have scheduled four Miracles Workshops in the U.S. for 2011. They will occur on the first weekend of each of the following months: March, April, May and November. However, in response to changing economic conditions we have made some major adjustments in our pricing and organization that may be of great interest to you if you were thinking you would like to do one this year with me, but were worried that you could not really afford it. Well, at full price the Miracles Workshop used to be $697. We reduced it last year to $597.00 but with $242.50 added for room and board, it was still a lot for people to pay in this economic climate, even with a payment plan. Last year, for the first time ever we had to cancel one workshop for lack of participants.

So this year I am willing to take off another $150.00 and make the workshop $447 in 2011. (I can't do anything about the cost of accommodation). However, because we have to take a chance on booking the retreat center and guaranteeing a certain number of beds, I am willing to sell the workshop at just $227.00 if booked and paid for a full six weeks prior to the date of the workshop. Only eight places out of the 15 available will be offered at this low price. Once those eight places are taken, the price will revert to $447.00 no matter how far in advance the booking is made. So you will need to book early in order to save $220.00.

That way, we will know if we have enough participants to go ahead and sign a contract with the center six weeks out. If the workshop does not make and we have to cancel, you will receive a full refund. However, if you cancel the booking you made at the $227 price, no refund will be made. (Normal refund policy applies to those who book less than six weeks ahead at the $447.00 price).

NOTE: No one should book a flight until we have confirmed by e-mail, no later than two weeks before the workshop, that the workshop will definitely run. I regret having to do this but we are having to revise our business model in response to changing conditions.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A New Online Program "21-Days for Forgiving Your Parents"

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Nothing keeps us stuck in our lives as much as an unhealed childhood wound. Such wounds can range from severe physical or sexual abuse, to that of simply feeling unloved, abandoned or unappreciated by one’s parents.

If left unhealed, these wounds become the touchstones for our sense of who we are, beliefs about what our worth is, what we deserve and how successful we will be in our lives. They affect every aspect of our lives and all our relationships.

A Wound Becomes a Repeating Pattern

We subconsciously act out these wounds over and over again, enfolding them into a subtle, but deadly, pattern of repetition. Each replay creates still more pain — until we say “enough is enough!”

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Anticipating 2012

(Note: I am writing this as if from what I think might be the very near future.)

Someone asked me a few days ago, why 2012? She was referring to my inclusion of that date in my declared mission, which I have for the past eight years stated as: “To raise the consciousness of the planet through Radical Forgiveness and create a world of forgiveness by 2012.”

My answer was, “Because if we haven’t done it by then it will almost certainly be too late.”

“Too late for what?” she asked, incredulously.

“To be part of the process of creating heaven on earth,” I replied.

She clearly thought I was crazy. Oh, if only Harley were here, I thought. He would do a much better job of explaining it to her than I ever could. [Harley was the Angel of Incarnation who, in my book A Radical Incarnation — Yours, prepared Jack for his upcoming mission on the Earth plane. Jack was to get elected President of the United States, become enlightened, heal America and then awaken the whole of humanity before it destroyed itself. No small feat!]

This woman was no fool and could see what was happening. She was acutely aware that the United States economy stood on the very brink of disaster and was only hanging on by a mere thread. She was obviously in a great deal of fear over it, too.

Her own life mirrored the larger situation. Her 3,500 square foot home was in foreclosure, she owned a Lincoln Navigator SUV she couldn’t sell at any price, her credit was shot, her bank had gone under taking most of her money with it, and she could see how the entire system on which the U.S. had based its existence and its way of life — cheap oil — was about to collapse.

At $7.50 a gallon, she couldn’t afford to buy gas to get to work and there was no public transport available so she was effectively without a job or money. Her employer was probably out of business anyway by now. All her neighbors were in the same boat having bought into the myth of the suburban lifestyle based on cars, freeways and cheap oil. Now they were all stuck.

In any case, even if she could afford it, many gas stations were posting cardboard signs on the pump — ‘Out of Gas’ and there were long lines stretching around block after block. Tempers had frayed and the guns everyone had been encouraged to own and carry as of right had come out and were being waved around and sometimes used as of right!

Since there were hardly any trucks on the road to carry food from one part of the country to the other, let alone from other countries, food was in very short supply and astronomically expensive. Her greatest concern was how she was going to feed her two kids. And it was all getting worse by the minute. And that doesn’t even factor in the local effects of global warming — floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes.

How then could I even begin to explain to her that it was all part of the Divine plan? Harley himself would have had a job to make her see any sort of perfection in it, let alone have her see it as an opportunity for her to awaken and become part of the great spiritual transformation now in progress.

The only way I could begin to talk about it in those terms was to frame what was happening as being a healing crisis, and that this was preparing the whole human race for a dramatic shift in consciousness. According to many sources, this was likely to occur around December of 2012. This shift would take us into a wholly different dimension where love and harmony would prevail as the dominant way of being. I did my best to explain all this.

“But why is America to take the lead in this?” she asked.

“Because the people have become so dependent on their modern way of life that they will have the greatest difficulty of any nation on earth adapting to extreme hardship and the inevitable shortage of everything. The breakdown necessary to create breakthrough will happen suddenly and will be total. Social order will break down and society as a whole will implode. Many will die.

“But the other side of that coin is that the people of the U.S. are extremely resilient and they will likely be the first emerge from the chaos enlightened and changed. They will then lead the rest of the world in creating the shift in consciousness I have alluded to. That’s how Harley had framed Jack’s mission, of course.

“But no matter who Jack is or was, (and the conjecture is fascinating), we cannot look to any president to create the shift for us. We all have to participate in that process. As times get difficult, we have to stay centered and clear. We need to stay out of fear and to hold the vision of a healed world emerging out of the debris of the old consciousness now in its death throes. If we give in to fear and resist the process it will be many times more difficult than if we surrender to what needs to happen and ride the wave.”

“Does that mean doing nothing practical to prepare for what is to come?” she asked.

“Of course not,” I replied. “In order to stay out of fear and to be of use to others who will need help, you would be wise to make careful preparations now for the breakdown to come. You can only be of assistance in this great endeavor if you survive, so it is your responsibility to do everything you can in order to do so. You should begin storing food and water, seeds, batteries, solar panels, cooking oil tools and other essentials. You might want to move to where you can find food and be in community with others of like mind. You should give a lot of thought to what you would need to survive a fairly prolonged period where virtually all supply of goods was stopped. It would be difficult to hold the high vibration during this time if you were cold, hungry and helpless to help yourself.”

“So why forgiveness? Why is that so important?” she asked.

“Because it will be through the use of the Radical Forgiveness technology that people like you and I will be able to hold and maintain that higher vibration, and the sooner we begin to practice it and the more people we can enroll into that higher purpose, the easier the transition will be for everyone. Each one of us holding the vibration of perfection no matter what is happening out there will counteract millions of people who are in fear. A relatively small number of people holding the vision of a healed world will make the healing happen a lot faster and a lot fewer people will perish in the process. That’s why my mission statement means so much to me.”

“How can I begin doing that?” she inquired.

“I have designed a special ‘Radical Consciousness’ worksheet, based on the Radical Forgiveness technology, for you to use any time something happens or you hear of something happening that ordinarily would send you into a spiral of fear and hopelessness. It is available as a free PDF download. It is very simple but it’s purpose is to remind you that everything is in Divine order and that what we are living through now is the prelude to something unimaginably wonderful.

“Thank you,” she said. “I get it now.”

Do you?

To download the worksheet click here. (Note: This is not the same as the regular RF Worksheet).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spider-Woman to the Rescue

The race between Obama and Clinton to be the nominee of the Democratic Party has been fascinating, especially to the degree that it caught the interest and active participation of so many people. Young, old, rich, poor, black or white, people were truly invested in a way we have never before witnessed.

However, given that both candidates represented hope and historic opportunity to roughly equal halves of the population, it was inevitable that a vast number of people would be left feeling intensely disappointed and perhaps even resentful. We have seen a lot of understandable and, to some, even justifiable anger expressed on TV about Clinton's loss.

Doesn't this sound like a case where Spider-Woman needs to swoop in with Radical Forgiveness to save them all from a terrible case of victimitis? (Spider-Woman became a Radical Forgiveness Coach last year, but she's keeping it a secret.) After all, you put disappointment, anger and resentment together and you'll get a pretty strong brew of victim consciousness, right? And we (as well as Spider-Woman), know the antidote to that, don't we?

On the assumption that the people on our mailing list reflect the general population, we can imagine that half of you might be Democrats and the other half Republicans. Of the half who lean Democratic lets say one third were backing Hillary, and one third for Obama. The other third we might consider politically disengaged. (A lot of spiritual people are, unfortunately, but that's another issue.)

Power versus Force by David Hawkins you will get what I mean when I say that each person with a vibration of 350 on the scale of consciousness (which would be you if you were moved to do a worksheet, I would guess), would be counteracting about 200,000 vibrating below 200 which is where someone might be who is still in anger and resentment about the race. That means if just half of the 3,500 did a worksheet it would impact 3.5 million people. But even if just one of you does it, you will be helping 200,000 others. That's how much power you have to make a difference.

Who needs Spider-Woman? Click here to go to the NEW On-line Worksheet.